Belgium Open 2013

I’m slowly ascending the stairs to the top. In February the match in Germany pointed out you can’t rush those stairs, you’ll fall. But last weekend I took another step at the Belgium Open Poomsae 2013. I was satisfied about my first round and, apparently, the judges were, too. I went through to the second round with one of the highest scores, maybe even with medal prospects. This took place at 10:00 am and what followed were 4 (!) hours of waiting/trying to stay warm until the second round could kick off. Technicalities, they said. Anyway, the second round I got drawn a more difficult form, which I hadn’t done much in competitions. It didn’t go as well as the first one and I didn’t make it into the finals. But, as said, it was indeed a huge improvement compared to Germany and I’m not planning to stop just here. Next step: Spanish Open Poomsae, 3d of May!

Pal-jang Scores


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