BNR and Z@ppLive

Well, I’m finally settled at home again. Together with my coach master Bob Poublon I analyzed the video material from my competition last weekend. Knowing what to work on until the next competition in May, I created my schedules. Next to my family and friends some others were glad I’m home: the BNR Nieuwsradio booth at the Week van de Ondernemer in Utrecht asked if I could join their conversation about out-of-the-box entrepreneurial ideas. The fragment of there broadcast can be found here. On top of that, the producers from children’s show Z@ppLive saw Stephane Kaas’ last video, which is approaching 1500 views by the way, and invited me in today’s live show once more. Here, from 30:15 onwards, you can see how I perform a demo-kick with 3 kids on live tv!

There’s a chance it will be a little silent on this blog for a while, I’ll be focussing on my training for the Open Spanish Poomsae next month! And by focus I mean FOCUS!


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