Spanish Open Poomsae 2013 – “The comeback”

Had a good experience at the Open Spanish Poomsae 2013 today. First round was sloppy to be honest. Luckily, I got a second chance and I grabbed it with both hands. Had a tough drawing for the second round, but blasted the judges away with a heartfelt, fully focused Poomsae.

Despite this ‘comeback’, I couldn’t make it into the finals. The 33 contestants were the absolute European top. (In fact de top 4 were the exact same guys as those of the European Championships yesterday, although in different order). Nevertheless, I gave my best and I’m satisfied with my ±12th place. All the more because I overtook some of the Russians, Czechs etc. this time, who seemed far ahead at the Belgian Open.

I had to miss my buddy Stephane Kaas this time so I don’t have that much of photo/video material to share. But my darling sister took some with here iPhone. Feel free to take a look. To do so, hover over to my Facebook Page. And for more ‘live’ updates and commentary on the championships, do check out my twitter feed!


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