Czech and Danish Open: Serious business

Having travelled to two more European cities, Prague and Kolding, I can add two more satisfying results to my list. The first of which is a bronze medal from the Czech Open Poomsae 2013! The second is a well-deserved place in the top 8 of the Danish Open Poomsae, advancing to the finals in 6th position. A short recap:

Prague: No coach, no mother, no film maker, no nobody, this was definitely a first: I went all by myself. And everything went according to plan! Had great flights, a nice hotel, found myself a decent restaurant, in short a perfect match-day preparation. When it comes to the match itself, my ‘plans’ were to relax more during my performance and enjoy the moment. Apparently the Czech judges appreciated that! I was close upon the heels of the Czech representatives at the European Championships and won bronze. Fun fact: on top of a generally well-organized tournament, the Czechs even hired blond ‘medal babes’, like they have in cycling. Me like!

Kolding: This time around accompanied by master Bob (coach) as well as Stephane Kaas (press), we arrived in Kolding on friday after a 700km drive in master Bob’s minivan together with two other Dutch competitors, Yance and master Ata. We slept on thin mattresses in the local gym, which offered to host international participants. Right next to seemingly the biggest cargo train rails in Denmark. In short: a not so perfect match-day preparation. But hey, I wasn’t complaining. No no, I was focused and looking forward to performing. I think participating in a lot of matches lately has got me a extra bit of routine, which I really felt during the Danish Open. The first round, a performance of poomsae Koryo and Taebaek, was undoubtedly my best so far!

Up next: the last game before summer, the Austrian Open Poomsae on the 15th of June. Three weeks of training left! Hiya!

Czech Open Poomsae: bronze!Danish Open Poomsae: Koryo


2 thoughts on “Czech and Danish Open: Serious business

  1. Van harte gefeliciteerd met de resultaten, dat smaakt naar meer.
    Congrats with the results, you are gonaa get an appetite for this.

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