The importance of enthusiasm

Amongst all suits and smart casuals, there was one happy-go-lucky guy in a hanbok at the ‘Canvas: the Game’ Bootcamp on friday the 7th of June. Patrick van der Pijl, CEO of Business Models Inc., invited me over to tell the participants what it’s like to have clear goals and a vision. At the Zuidpark in Amsterdam, entrepreneurs from all over the globe came together for a rather revolutionary training in business innovation: together with Dutch Game Garden, Business Models Inc. asked 6 game studios to make the Business Model Canvas playable.

As far as I know, innovation opportunities can only be found when the mind is in the mood. So when Patrick asked for an exercise before the next brainstorm started, I knew what to do: warming up the inner focus with the Korean Rainstorm, one of my favorite energizers. Running from left to right in front of the audience, Patrick and I went from softly tapping our fingers to maniacally clapping our hands. Having reached the climax of the cloudburst, we gradually softened our waterfall back to the starting point. The silence that followed was mind-blowing.

As futile as energizers and games may look upon the first view, I believe their value shouldn’t be underestimated. The lack of enthusiasm on the work floor/meeting room/where ever keeps astonishing me. Vince Lombardi once put the ultimate answer to this in the following words: “If you’re not fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm.” That’s why I found the ‘Canvas: The Game’ Bootcamp a brilliant initiative; playing with the Business Model Canvas activates way more ideas, just because it’s way more exciting and fun than regular modeling. By striking the participants with a blast of excitement on beforehand, I was more than happy to bring about a fresh stream of energy where everyone could build up on!

For the results and photo coverage of the bootcamp, check out

Rain Game

(For future bookings of this kind feel free to contact my agent via OostWestWelzijn:


2 thoughts on “The importance of enthusiasm

  1. Great post! I love the sentence “innovation opportunities can only be found when the mind is in the mood”. It was great having you there to energize the participants of our game event! See you next time!

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