Austrian Open Poomsae: the last game of the season

On the 14th of June I travelled to Vienna for the conclusion of this Poomsae season. A broad field of contestants was awaiting me with national team members from Denmark, Germany, Swiss, Austria, Czech Republic and more.

Apparently I let my opposition impress me this time. Despite all my focus and meditative exercises I didn’t have the same ‘flow’ as I had in Denmark. So I ended the season with a little bummer: got a shared 17th place while 16 athletes went on to the semifinals. But hey, looking back at the past 3 months, I started at a place somewhere below the 30th at the German Open and went to a 17th place in Austria. That’s more than halfway up is more than was to be expected. So yes, I had a great season and I’m looking forward to the next one. Hence the smiles on our faces!

Thanks master Bob for being my coach and both Business Models Inc. and OostWestWelzijn for making it possible!

Austrian Open


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