Reunion with the Kang family

Let’s cut to the chase: the 1st Skive Poomsae Seminar was a great success! My grandmaster Kang Shinchul from Korea, came all the way over to spend a weekend teaching his methods to European poomsae fanatics. He was assisted by his daughter and son and they weren’t the only experts Skive had to offer: master Ali Pourtaheri from Great-Britain and grandmaster Kytu Dang from Denmark made the specialized instructors team complete.

For me it was the first time since my departure in April to see the grandmaster and his family. I was filled with joy when his son was observing my forms and mumbled ‘Ahmm, Namchang skill.’ (Namchang referring to the grandmaster’s Korean gym name). So the hours I spent on refining what I learned in Korea, didn’t go unnoticed. On top of that the grandmaster asked me to explain the philosophy of his methods to all the participants. What an honor!

The accommodation and organization (in hands of master Kim Nedergaard) were beyond reproach, so I think the message is clear: the 2nd Skive Poomsae Seminar (next year) is a must-attend!

Seminar Skive


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