Wij zijn Sport Update: Yokiyo and The Crowdfunders

Just over a month has passed since the launch of my Wij zijn Sport campaign and it is nearly hitting the 70%-mark. With less than 20 days to go, it’s time to give it a fresh impulse: a swift appearance on tv and… Behold, a new giveback is up for grabs!

I used my imagination and some Korean inspiration and I came to the conclusion that the most appealing giveback had to be the following: a peep behind the scenes of my everyday Korean power supply, or in other words a taste of the Korean cuisine. Not in just some Korean restaurant, but in the Korean restaurant: Yokiyo! For a 40€-donation, you will get a Korean style dinner and a glass of the most typical Korean drink, soju. Everyone who chooses this giveback will receive an e-mail with the days I work there, in case you want to be served by my humble self. Come and try Korean social food in kimchi paradise!

Besides, world’s first ever tv-programme fully revolving around the subject of ‘crowdfunding’ was shown on Dutch television yesterday. The Crowdfunders highlighted a couple of successful projects and involved short pitches. One of those was about my project. The full programme is available here and, as it part of the TV-Lab series, you can voice your opinion about it as well. If it gets enough votes, maybe an monthly ‘crowdfunding broadcast’ will soon become reality, giving promising projects the little bit of extra attention they deserve!

Logo Yokiyo


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