“One stone, two birds”

With a huge suitcase filled with 4 doboks, my black belt and heaps and heaps of food and presents for my korean ‘taekwondo family’, I set off for Korea exactly one week ago. The travelling didn’t go that smooth this time though. After I and seemingly half the travelling world population had missed our connections thanks to a little fog, Heathrow turned into utter chaos. British Airways probably hit some records, making me cue for 5 hours before I even got rebooked. Luckily there was another flight to Seoul that day, so my delay stayed within limits: 7,5 hours.

I really needed to get that frustration off my chest, now there’s nothing but good news left. It felt like I was welcomed in the dojang like a lost son. Could start training the minute I got out of the airplane. Jetlag or not, I couldn’t wait to do so. One minute of training here in Korea seems to be worth half an hour of training in the Netherlands. After every training I go home with the feeling I have improved with leaps and bounds. As I was doing the best I could in NL, I almost forgot how much more taekwondo life rocks over here! Besides, I don’t have anything else to worry about here. Nobody nagging my head off. Both I have more time for training and training is more effective.

So, in other words it’s “이석이조”, literally “One stone, two birds.” It’s one of the Korean ‘4-words-expressions I learned today (that’s the only other thing I try to do, pick up some Korean). How much more to the point can a proverb get? I’ll try to summarize the first week here in one ‘4-word-expression’ too: “Korea taekwondo, taekwondo eureka.”

~Black Belt Sheep

I’m going to write a ‘weekly’ on this blog every monday. More frequently, I post updates on Twitter and Instagram.


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