The taekwondo sinusoid

Isn’t it amazing how many processes in life take a waving course? In economy classes we learn about the conjunctural cycle, the human brain seems to ‘run’ on waves and so on and so on. We’re all familiar with that image of a line crossing an horizontal axis upwards and then downwards (the sinusoid). The course of my progress, taekwondo-wise, is no different.

Well, let me revise that, it goes up and down indeed, but the downs usually last longer. To compromise, the ups are very extreme, intense peaks. My Korean dojang mates have been through this cycle a lot more times than I have, so they try to give me a heads-up. As they struggle to explain such a complicated process in English, they soon turn to a petit theatre show: making attempts at a certain movement, without succeeding, with a long face, until suddenly they look at their hand as if it just turned gold, smiling the eureka-grin.

Aching muscles prevent to have these moments often. Recovery from hard training takes time, and that’s why the ‘downs’ last longer. But a fortunate concurrence of events caused a king-size ‘up’ today. Yesterday evening the training was not that hard and I went to bed incredibly early, with a completely fit body at the start of this morning’s training as a result. And on top, today was one of the occasional days that the grandmaster decided to check our progress. Even his slightest nod of approval makes me feel like I’m Bruce Lee, and he nodded a lot this morning. In a world of constant perfectionism, this feeling of self-satisfaction (in the positive sense of the word) is desperately needed every once in a while.

Grandmaster Kang serving his homemade tea.

Grandmaster Kang serving his homemade tea.


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