Insider’s Tip: TTMIK

I have to break my routine of one post in a week to provide you with an excellent tip. For everyone who’s trying to pick up some Korean, this is the place to be: Talk To Me In Korean. Especially the workbooks are very very helpful!

From the moment I arrived here the first time I wanted to learn Korean. Most the other athletes in the dojang don’t speak English, but I really did want to understand their jokes and answer with something more than only ‘Yes, master.’ It was hard to find a method, though, that was really suitable for self-study. Most books are designed for in-class teaching, but I don’t have time to attend one of them. I was happy to find TTMIK as the solution: a lesson-based method, with exercises I can do on my own, answers included. Every lesson comes with a lot of example sentences, which extend your vocabulary without you even noticing it. There’s even a CD to practice pronunciation as well!

I’m almost done with level four now and I can follow nearly all conversation in the dojang. Yesterday I even successfully discussed with a street merchant to bargain the price down. He said my Korean was better than he had heard a foreigner speak in a long while. I’d say: give TTMIK a try!

Talk To Me In Korean Level 4

Talk To Me In Korean Level 4


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