Nearly there: Silver at the Nationals!

It might be better that I write my recap of this weekend’s Dutch National Poomsae Championships now, 2 days ‘en retard’, instead of immediately afterwards. The little delay allowed me to get rid of my initial discontent and see all the reasons to be proud. Compared to my performance at the Dutch Open in September (3d place), I made a massive progress. I can tell the difference by listening to the comments from judges, masters and my dear own mother. I was especially encouraged by a master, bronze medallist at last World Cup, who said that I had surely came out first if it weren’t for some minor style differences between what I practice in Korea and what is still to be introduced in the Netherlands. Indeed, my style has become more and more Korean, to the dismay of Dutch judges. Besides, I advanced to the final round in first position, which is a huge achievement too.

Two days ago it was the perfectionist in me who wasn’t satisfied with my performance, regretting the fact that I could have done better without the influence of nerves. It felt like I still wasn’t ‘there’. But now I see, I’m nearly there. Victory is around the corner. And 2 more months of Korean training will get me there. Let’s go!

Dutch National ChampionshipsUntil my return into the Korean daily grind, I’ll be incredibly busy, so I won’t have a chance to write weeklies. I’m arriving in Seoul on the 13th of December; you can expect a fresh weekly on monday the 16th!


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