Back in Business

That’s right, after two fruitful weeks in the Netherlands, resulting in a silver medal at the National Championships and a feature on national TV channel SBS6, I’m back in the Korean training scene. (The SBS6 item can be viewed here; I’m pretty happy about what they did with the slowmo and all). The two very last months until the qualification season for the World Cup starts, will be extra intense. Very soon the high school and uni students, who make up for the bigger part of grandmaster Kang’s poomsae selection, will have winter vacation. This means that they will practically come to live in the dojang and train round the clock. And of course I’ll join this taekwondo frenzy.

The title of this post is ambiguous, though. I’m also back in business in a more literal sense. As I’ll have to pay for next year’s ‘tour’ of qualification tournaments all over Europe, I have been looking for a way to fund the costs this time around. Teaming up with the  creators of CrowdSport proved to be the best option: a new concept where potential sponsors can ‘claim a piece of me’. On my project page,, a spectacular picture of me is divided by a grid. Every square represents a sponsor opportunity, which I would love to fill in with something I like to do most: join forces with companies to inspire people! For example, I could visit a company or conference to give it an energy boost with my drive and motivation (a little physical activity won’t be spared, have a look at what I did over at Business Models Inc), or even a whole programme could be organized to give a complete staff the real ‘taekwondo bootcamp’ experience. Either way, I would be happy to look at possibilities with like-minded companies to carry out our joint vision. Any suggestions as to companies that you think fit for a collaboration are more than welcome!

So, in the upcoming weeks I’ll not only keep you updated on my progress in taekwondo training, but also in collecting funds for my competition. And I’ll close this week off with ‘the picture of the week’: Grandmaster Kang holding my gift from Amsterdam (a laser-engraved Moleskine, designed together with Uncover Lab).

Grandmaster Kang x 2

Grandmaster Kang x 2


2 thoughts on “Back in Business

  1. Congratulations! It is a challenge funding tournament participation. This martial arts love gets expensive – but so do other athletic endeavors too, I’m sure. Good luck.

    1. Thank you! Competing on this level does indeed call for a lot of financial support; would have loved to be able to pay it all by myself, but that’s just impossible. All I can do is try to reach out to as many people as possible!

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