Exclusive Sneak-Peaks in Muju and Spain

Just when I was fully getting used to the Korean training rhythm again, the higher ranks of ‘Team Namchang’ set off for a four-day trip to Muju last friday. Grandmaster Kang had been invited to ‘curate’ the archives of the Taekwondo Won: a new, massive taekwondo park, encompassing 2,314,049 square meters in the middle of the Korean mountains. The construction of what is deemed to become the new ‘taekwondo Mekka’ started back in 2009. By now, all the buildings ready for action, the finishing touch is being made to the museum and the doors are set to open in april 2014. And who else than Grandmaster Kang could help them out to get their enormous collection of taekwondo books into good order?

It was a great experience to be part of this exclusive personnel, as we worked our way through endless pieces and bits of taekwondo history, occasionally stumbling upon a picture of our grandmaster himself. Besides, we got a tour of the parc 4 months before opening and, to top it all, we had a training and photo shoot (see here) in one of the main halls. It’s a little hard to get there, but if you have the chance to go there in the future, take it! It’s a very  impressive and inspiring place to be for every taekwondo fanatic. As the grandmaster frankly put it: “Kukkiwon (the current World Taekwondo HQ) is the size of the Taekwondo Won’s toilet.” If you can’t go, just take a look at these pictures and you’ll get the idea.

The second sneak-peak I got, although 4 days in advance instead of 4 months, was of a Spanish business book that now has been published. For a long time I had to keep it secret, but now I can tell you that author Daniel Vecino Castel decided to dedicate on page of his “The Hero Plan” to my journey towards the World Cup. I had to figure out the Spanish but the looks alone ensured me that it is an incredible honor to be featured in. All the hispanophones out there, go get that book!

Merry Christmas and I’m back blogging next monday for the last weekly of 2013!


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