Masters of Taekwondo and a master of the camera

First of all the very best wishes for 2014 to each and everyone! As a Dutch saying goes, well begun is half done, so let’s get this year started! As far as I am concerned, it’s been a good first couple of days. Mainly filled with training, of course, but last Saturday I was asked to accompany Grandmaster Kang to his dinner with the Kosuhoi (Taekwondo Masters’ Association).

It made me realize, once again, that Grandmaster Kang is not ‘just’ a grandmaster. He really made a difference in the history of taekwondo. He founded the Kosuhoi in 1994 (that’s the year I was born). The main goal he had in mind for the Kosuhoi was to create a greater emphasis on the ethical values of taekwondo. I am aware that some taekwondo schools tend to leave the morals behind and focus only on the physical part of training. But Grandmaster Kang is really putting in a lot of effort to ensure mental, somewhat philosophical, training as well. I could clearly see that all members of the Kosuhoi take this goal seriously. The most astounding example was how they bowed, as one block, upon arrival and departure of the Grandmaster, all of them being renowned masters themselves. They have never turned arrogant nor jealous. What a great deal of respect; it was beautiful.

Last but not least, this week (the week of weekly #11) came to a close with the arrival of my friend and gifted film maker Stephane Kaas. We had a lot of catching up to do and are both looking forward to this week. Just for the sake of it, I’m going to put the link to his most popular shot of me and Grandmaster Kang out there one more time: Goodnight from Korea!

Look who's back!

Look who’s back!


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