The mirror – my only sparring partner

Since my return to the Netherlands, one of the things I get asked the most is “Do you have to get ‘reacclimatised’?” As far as daily life is concerned, the answer is no; I’ve been switching homes between Korea and here so frequently that I didn’t take me longer than a day to get used to my beloved ice-skating-power-nation. But when it comes to training routine, of course, it’s a completely other world. It’s like separating a sheep from a herd of exemplary sheep and putting it into a big aquarium, alone. I have to live without role models checking my every move and use the mirror as my only training buddy. I know what part is need to train and how to do that, but I just have to get used to another habitat again, grow some gills.

Competition is another thing. I’m actually starting to see the fun side of it and feel at ease on the moment supreme. I really enjoyed participating in the Open Challenge Cup last weekend, a middle-sized tournament right across the border in Belgium. Silver was fine with me. Especially as I got even more close to my big rival, both on and of the pitch.

But of course this ‘aquarium’ also brings me things Korea can’t. A 9km run through the mud called the ‘Diemercross’. An interview with my sponsor 7ditches TV, showing a more realistic side of me. A taekwondo demonstration at the ‘Korea Symposium’ organised by the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. And another interview with the extremely up-and-coming news website VICE, which can be found online soon. Just to name a few things I did the past two weeks. The one thing that really connects my two ‘homes’ is going to start next weekend: Korean language classes at the Korean School of Amsterdam!



Open Challenge Cup

Open Challenge Cup

P.S. From now on I’ll just write blog pieces when there’s something to blog about. The weekly on monday is history. But I can tell you, there will be plenty off stuff to blog about in the upcoming weeks. Thanks for reading!


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