TeamNL Debut

Ever wondered what it really looks like, grandmaster Kang and Team Namchang training out in the open? I’m not going to hide my pride: Stephane Kaas has released a new teaser and he did an amazing job!

That being said, I have to admit that I haven’t been able to live up to my blogging promise (to write a little something, whenever there is something to blog about). It may have looked liked nothing was happening, while in fact it was too much. Time for a short catch-up.

First of all something else I’m proud about: THIS. An interview with VICE. A news platform which is super cool and popular among the young. They really managed to get through to the core of my story, ambiguously naming it ‘do-mentality’. Definitely one of my favorites!

Next up was an radio conversation with Radio1 (listen here). And my first Korean language classes at the Korean School of Amsterdam (I’m able to correspond with Grandmaster Kang via entirely Korean emails now!). And the first training weekend with the Dutch National Team. And even my first actual competition in Team NL outfit: the Belgian Open Poomsae.

Which turned out to be a pretty popular tournament, bringing together the dreaded national teams from Scandinavia as well as the notorious legion from Switzerland. After a solid first round, performing my favorite poomsae (pal-jang, nr. 8), I found myself disappointed with the 12th place, barely enough to make it through to the semi-finals. Looking back, I’m actually happy I ended up in the bottom half of the semi-finalist, considering the energy boost I got out of this ‘wake-up call’. I gave everything I had in the semifinal and ended up 10th, nearing the final as closely as never before at a competition of this level: I came 7 hundredths short. More importantly, I felt that I couldn’t have done any better at this point, an extremely relieving experience, unusual for a perfectionist like me. Our national coach seemed fully satisfied as well for now. After all, being 19, I still have a lot of time to keep developing myself within the senior-1 division.

Focus. Belgian Open 2014.

Focus. Belgian Open 2014.

Last but not least I gave a taekwondo masterclass at the Hyperion Lyceum in Amsterdam last week. A relatively new high school, known for her vibrancy and fresh initiatives. Nice to join them for a day and familiarize some enthusiasts with an exotic sport. I have some spare energy to do this more regularly, so feel free to get in touch about possibilities.

And I will blog more regularly too! Pinky promise this time!


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