About the previous post: I just felt the urge to use a whole post to express my amazement. My amazement with my own nonperformance that is. A full month and a half without posting my whereabouts on the webz. And yet I had loads of stuff to write about!

Let’s make it as concise a recap can be. During the time I was ‘away’ from blogging, I have:

  • done two roof-tile-breaking demos, one for the opening of EWEC (East-West Education Center), one for the NRC Insightlive Event. At the latter it was the grand finale of my performance, which also included telling my story and energizing the audience. It has been covered by a professional photography and video team.
  • co-created a 3-minute film with Stephane Kaas, for the video contest by the Korean Ministry of Culture. It’s my little ode to Korea:
  • gone out for a 10-day visit to Korea, in preparation for the Austrian Open Poomsae Championships. Training training training.
  • made it to the finale of the Austrian Open! Out of 45 international maniacs (seriously, the strongest competition I’ve had so far) I scored the 8th place. A huge improvement compared to the 18th out of 32 from last year. Both the preparation in Korea and the great support by the National Team and head coach Rob Janssen have contributed to this success.
  • won the Golden Thumb for my first attempt at delivering a 60-second ‘breakfast pitch’ in front of the experts at BNI. I am preaching the importance to include energizers in every congress and event. More about this soon on my website!
  • started my adventure as a ‘Zomergast’ for, a blog that hosts young and ambitious writers, created by Edward van de Vendel. Every 2-3 days I try to put both fragments of my time in Korea as well as current thoughts into words. Which means there’s already 4 short stories to be discovered here!

And in the meantime, training never stops! Although it feels like ‘summer break’, I remain eager to train every day. I have to take it easy on a couple of minor injuries, but there’s always someway to work it around. Tomorrow will be the first time since the Austrian Open that the whole Dutch Selection will train together, so I hope our football players will be able to do without extra time against Brazil, allowing me to sleep early!


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