Since 2012, Dutch film maker Stephane Kaas has been following Mattho with his camera. Every now and then he delivers a short visual insight in Mattho’s whereabouts. Eventually he will put his material together to create the documentary “Het Schaap met de Zwarte Band” (Black Belt Sheep), telling the story of Mattho’s ambitious attempt to become world’s best in a seemingly ‘Korean-only’ sport.

Kaas has released several trailers of his promising documentary on Youtube, which you can find below. Together with producer Baldr Film he is looking for a tv channel to broadcast the complete film.



3 thoughts on “Documentary

  1. Nice to see Mattho mandersloot as dutchman visiting my home country for his goal! This trailer touch me in the hart of my purpose. To come home some way you have to leave your house, family and country to find your own way! I know that feeling and the experience. Now i use this to coach (business) people to find their own home, home feeling and their growth and succes!

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